Dancing Petals

Dancing Petals is a specialized division of Suvir Design Studio for Sustainable and Zero Energy Architecture. Getting inspired from the life nourishing wisdom and traditions from communities around the globe, Dancing Petals advocates simple ways of being with nature, drawing wisdom and knowledge from diverse communities, cultures, and livelihoods, with focus on the traditional Himalayan way of life.

Where societies live within their ecological means, with more space for human co operation and natural ecosystems. With focus on life sufficiency, not merely material efficiency !

Because Earth is not a machine.

Our planet is not an engineering system to be fixed. Its a responsive organism. A dynamic ball of life! Build a non-violent relationship with Mother Earth. And see the magic unfold. Dancing Petals !

Design the future. Rejoice the past

Design creation is a complex process that evolves from unique history, transcends social and economic trends, and leaves ecological footprint. Re-introduce old crafts, use traditions and new techniques, to create dynamic and future proof designs

Design a Story. Not just a building

Script the design. Add care, respect and love. Design a beautiful life. Not just a structural system – the enemy is just old-fashioned complacency. The extra mile is the stretch of road that is not crowded. There are two ways to live. One is to die richly. One is to live richly

Create Balance. Outwit temptations

Humans are built for community, their realties defined by less than half a dozen touch points. The disconnect between evidence based world view, and grass-root realities seeded in faith and ideology, is the biggest challenge of our times. Outwit temptations, Create Balance.

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